About us

BOOLit entertainment

BOOLit entertainment is an indie game developer studio located in Šempeter, one of the smaller countryside areas of Slovenia. This is perfect for us to peacefully do our work and also enjoy the beauty of outdoors if we need a break.

What we do

Entertainment is a wide subject. Games are a part of entertainment and our primary focus, but we are also targeting other aspects of the industry. Comics, movies, videos… all is included.


Ditea d.o.o. is our partner. It is mainly focused on web and software development. BOOLit entertainment is actually a sister company that focuses on pure game development and entertainment.

Contact us

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on one of the following addresses.

About me

My name is Žiga Krmelj and I’m the founder of BOOLit entertainment. I’m also the developer of every game found on this website, but primarily I’m a 2D/3D designer, animator and also a musician.

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Company info

BOOLit, izdelava in izdajanje računalniških ter mobilnih iger, Žiga Krmelj s.p.
Zg. Grušovlje 16a,
SI-3311 Šempeter

RN: 6845142000
VAT: 18398804
IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 4300 498 (BANKA KOPER d.d.)
E-mail: ziga.krmelj@gmail.com