Fortune Cards Fun


Have fun reading fortunes to your friends or reading it for yourself. Every card has its own description of what it means and what it stands for, so you can easily read what the future hold.


Hello all! Thanks to everyone who downloaded this app and supported me with ratings and comments. I would just like to inform everyone that I am not a professional fortune reader nor do I completely know how to read fortune cards. I once bought a pack of cards for about 5$ and thought it was good silly fun for reading to my friends but I also understood that people do know how to read these cards and are very good at it.

I made this app in the same spirit as if you went to a store and bought a pack of tarot cards except I am giving this pack away for free. The way cards are read differs from person to person and it is up to you to find a way that best suits you. If you don’t know how to start google it.